Application SupportTRACER: 360 Degree Visibility & Control

TRACER: 360 Degree Visibility & Control within IT Service Management

TRACER – Revolutionary Innovation in IT Service Management

Tracer was designed for use within the day-to-day IT service management work environment with low administrative overhead. Tracer’s table driven design for all major components helps focus IT service professionals on “work” not “data entry”. The flexibility of Tracer’s configuration tables allows easy adaptability to virtually any IT operating environment. The real-time customizable dashboards display all assigned work tasks to developers and support personnel, using color coding (red, yellow, green) to highlight tasks approaching or exceeding service level goal thresholds.

Resource/Task time tracking is integrated within all work processes and brings a dramatic increase in the accuracy of time and work related data reporting. Accurate and timely data collection and reporting are necessary to effectively manage the IT service organizations work and resources.

Many IT software tools have some of the components, functions and features that are standard with Tracer. However, only Tracer has all these critical IT process management and work tracking components built-in. 360 degrees of visibility and control within IT service management:

  • Defined process templates for application support and development
  • Process enforcement based on configurable process rules
  • Work, resource and time tracking
  • Managing by Metrics – SLA based metrics graphs, trends and work / resource status reporting

All components function seamlessly within a single integrated operating environment and data repository. Tracer best illustrates the principle that “The whole is greater then the sum of the parts.”

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