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Aged Incidents

Hi Bob

Do you know what the recognised industry standard is for carry over of incidents each month??

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  1. Lisa, I am not aware of any standard carry over number for incidents from one month to the next. However, depending on whether a failure incident or a non-failure incident, carry over should not be more than a day or two.  95% of all failure incidents should be resolved within 24 hours unless significant system change is required, 85% of all non-failure incidents should be resolved within 24 hours also – However, the time to resolve (contributing to carry over time) is also based on incident severity – Low, Med, High, Critical – each of these will have their own SLA time to resolve which would contribute to incident arry over at the end of the cmonth. Bottom line, darn few should carry over from one month to the next, incidents are disrupting business functions and therefore have the highest priority (unless specific business rules within the SLA to the contrary). But again, NO there is no rule for how many to carry over, BUT darn few!   Bob

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