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Application support growth

Hi Bob, is there a method or formula, other than say measuring function points, to ascertain how much your support area needs to grow in accordance with the growth of the application? So for example, how do I work out how many more bodies I need when I increase the number of executables by 50% and the complexity by 100%? Thank you.

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  1. David, yes, you might be able to extrapolate required personnel using function points but I personally do not think that would be your best avenue unless you had a real certified expert in FP counting and you had a FP baseline on existing applications with FP/person calculated from history. Lacking that it is not just the number of code modules that are being added but how stable are they? new or simply readjusting responsibility for support? What is the enhancement/maintenance backlog if any? How many increased support calls do you anticipate, how many incidents do you project adding to your team based on the history if existing code or stability of code if it is new? So you see it is not a simple answer. However, this might give you a start. Try and extrapolate how many enhancement requests you might receive over the first 6 mo – 1 year, how many additional support calls. Calculate the average time per enhancement based on existing history. Calculate the average time per support call based on your current code base. How many additional incidents might you get as a result of the new code modules, how much time per incident, use current code base and incident history as a baseline. Calculate additional average effort hours for each type of work you will receive for new code base. Extend to FTE’s based on around 140 – 150 hours per month per FTE. Hope this helps a bit.   Bob

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