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Application Support, ITIL, and Measurement and Metrics – How Can I Learn More (and Get PDUs in the Process)?

As a sister organization to Computer Aid, the IT Metrics and Productivity Institute’s (ITMPI’s) main goal is to promote best practices in the areas of Software Process, Software Metrics, Software Estimation, and IT Governance. One of the ways it does this is by offeringlive webinars and maintaining an archive of previously recorded webinars.

In keeping with the spirit of this blog, we’ve reviewed the upcoming live webinars and would recommend you try to catch the following

  • Planning and Managing your Maintenance & Support Budget
  • Governing Your ITSM Implementation
  • Understanding Process Data Enough to Improve It
  • Metrics that Motivate Behavior
  • Introduction to Project Estimation
  • Using Benchmarking to Drive Improvement Initiatives

And when you can’t attend, we record the webinars and provide them for free viewing for the first week after the webinar has aired. After that time, you can purchase access to the webinar for a nominal fee.

These webinar recordings are stored in our webinar archives. There is a search feature that allows you to search either by category or by speaker. There are several categories you can search, including Application Support, ITIL, and Measurement and Metrics. Some of the more interesting results from these searches include:

  • Productivity of Software Maintenance (Application Support)
  • What Are You Getting for Your Software Maintenance Dollars? (Application Support)
  • Using ITIL to Improve Application Support by 20-30%, a four-part series (ITIL)
  • Enterprise Measurement: What Makes it Useful to All of Us (Measurement and Metrics)
  • Measuring the Immeasurable: What is Your Real Performance Capability? (Measurement and Metrics)

Look over the full list of webinars and maybe purchase some. Then chat with us about what you’ve learned, the topics you’d like to see us offer, and suggestions for improvement.

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