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Application Support: Performance Measurement

The Quality Consultant and the application support team use this process to define what additional metrics, if any, should be collected and used during the improvement process.

The collection, analysis, and reporting of performance metrics are fundamental components of CAI’s Legacy Application Support methodology.  Metrics enable CAI to effectively measure performance, identify opportunities for process improvements and reduce maintenance costs.  The key areas for measurement are determined during the Transition Phase and are continually re-evaluated during the life of the engagement. Maintaining service levels, quality of support, and user communication are integral to success.  Initially, CAI reviews service level requirements with the client and delivers a service level agreement.  Service level metrics data is captured using CAI’s proprietary process and tracking tool, Tracer®.  Examples of metrics that are tracked include:

  • Number of events within service level guidelines
  • Application downtime
  • Rework trend
  • Time to resolve production problems
  • Failure frequency
  • Number of outstanding work requests
  • Client satisfaction survey ratings

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