CAI: Implementing ITIL V3

CAI Approach for Implementing Application Support Services Using the ITIL V3 Life-cycle


The pages that follow show a practical approach used by CAI to implement its Legacy Application Supportservices using the ITIL V3 Life-cycle model.

We will review each life-cycle phase in the context of implementing a new application support team that is unfamiliar with the customer, their applications, users, environment and  application knowledge.

CAI uses ITIL V3 Service Life-cycle to reduce cost & improve the value of Application Support to the business.

Improved IT Services are consistantly delivered by implementing field proven CAI processes, Tracer and service standards identified within  the ITIL V3 Life-cycle model.

The following pages show how CAI implements each of the life-cycle phases, process, and outcomes within application support services.

Though CAI’s methodology is being used as the model for implementation, any well thought through process model when applied to the ITIL V3 life-cycle will achieve the same benefits.

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