Service Operations (Measuring Service Performance)

The application support team uses Tracer to capture operational data as part of their work process. Data collection is a critical part of service operations. Only with timely and accurate data is it possible to measure the teams performance against service expectations. Process discipline and capturing work performance data  enable us to manage the support team’s activities with Service Level Goals in mind.

CAI’s ITSM tool Tracer automates our standard work processes and ensures that our teams use them consistently.  Tracer enables us to collect data about work as it is performed and stores this data within a single data repository.  This is where process meets technology. Tracer is the key to CAI’s success.  It allows us to evaluate our Application Support Service performance along 4 measurement area.

  1. Measure how well we Manage Work and Resources
  2. Measure how effectively we are using Time and where our time is being spent
  3. Measure our compliance with Service Level Commitments
  4. Measure how well we improve the Application Support Service

4c - Service Operations_a

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