Service Operations (Service Level Reporting)

Service Level Goal Compliance – Is an expression representing significant metrics that any IT Service operation must provide to the business:

1. Delivery of services at a cost that represents “Value” to the business:  Service “Value” as perceived by the business is greater than the cost to deliver the service.

2. Business customers must see “real” measurement data that quantifies results of  the IT Organization’s ability to deliver on service commitments.

CAI uses Tracer to communicate service level performance. The data and metrics from Tracer enable us to show how well the support team is performing against service level commitments. Tracers comprehensive and flexible service level reporting allows for the creation of “IT Scorecards” that summarize support team performance at the “Executive Level.”

Metrics reports, graphs and scorecards help the Application Support Team or any IT Service Organization to communicate the results of performance against service expectations as expressed in the Service Level Agreement.

The output of Service Operations for an application support team is the “Service Performance Package” that is produced by CAI’s Tracer® tool which includes:

  • SLA reports that measure the team’s performance against agreed service level goals
  • Work event status reports that identify all work events within the team’s scope of responsibility and the current status of work events within their lifecycle
  • Time usage reports that show the team’s time distribution
  • Resource performance reports that depict individual resource performance against agreed service level goals

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