Service Operations (Time Management)

CAI uses Tracer to capture all time by resource, work event, component (CI) at a detailed level by work assignment. Individual Resource / Task time entry screens are available to every support team resource enabling them to capture time that is expended on every task assignment as they expend it.

In IT Services “TIME” is money, it is the currency that we as IT support professionals spend in the completion of our assigned duties. Having the ability to capture time as work is being done greatly increases timeliness, accuracy and the visibility to know exactly where and on what resource time is being expended.

Traditional “Time & Attendance” systems will not help here, because time must be associated with the resource and work as it is happening in order to be truly useful in the fast paced IT support environment. If not, the utility of the data drops dramatically and immediately.

The real-time capture of time is part of the CAI work process enabling us to generate detailed “Time Analysis & Distribution” reports (any time) that shows us where and why time is being spent.  This timely and accurate data results in faster, better decision making needed for redistribution of resources or re-prioritizing of work. Lacking immediate availability of  time data,  these decisions are little better than a best guess or a  roll of the dice!

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