Service Transition (Process Customization)

All CAI standard work process templates can be customized so that they meet the customer’s specific needs.

The Transition Consultant starts with the CAI standard process templates. The customer’s processes are reviewed and mapped to CAI’s work processes. The CAI consultant works with the customer to identify the process intersection points and which of  the customers processes should be incorporated into the support teams operational processes.

Within CAI’s ITSM tool Tracer, we use a Process Configuration Manager to create customized work process templates that the team will use in daily operations.

The resulting customized work process templates are based on ITIL’s Service Management principles, CAI Application Support “best practices” and include the appropriate customer’s processes. This ensures that our team will complete work consistently in a way that fits the customer’s culture, work environment  and business needs.

3d - Service Transition_a

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