Service Transition (Operational Processes)

The transition consultant reviews CAI standard work processes to determine which of the processes are within the scope of the application support team responsibilities as detailed in the Service Design Package.

Operational process requirements are reviewed and documented:

  • How the team will implement all application changes
  • How the team will ensure that all changes to service management processes, service assets, and configuration items are recorded in the customer’s configuration management system and CAI’s application knowledge notebook
  • How the team will ensure that all application changes done by the team will be performed in a way that minimizes risk to the business.
  • How the team will assess and evaluate the risks associated with an application change
  • How the team will track Configuration Items (CIs)—application components (programs, use cases, data structures)—associated with the applications
  • How the team will build, test, and bundle application changes into a release package
  • How the team will move application changes into the production environment

CAI standard work processes are reviewed:

  • Work request process (application management life-cycle process)
  • Change request process
  • Problem management process
  • Support call process (request fulfillment process)
  • Incident process

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