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The document found in the download section of the blog ” CAI Application Support: Customer Perception of Value” contains customer feedback which demonstrate how CAI’s Legacy Application Support service and ITSM Tool, Tracer, achieve the benefits stated in the Performance / Productivity puzzle shown above. The puzzle pieces represent the fundamental elements of an “IT Balanced Score Card” where all the forces governing true “IT support excellence” are in a state of dynamic balance.

It is important that we understand that true “IT Support Excellence” is not only about improving productivity and lowering costs. Productivity is only one measurement which indicates the speed (volume and velocity) of work being completed. It does not indicate “How Well” that work is being performed against SLA’s or the “Customer Satisfaction” with the work being performed, or if the increased speed is causing a quality problems as measured by “Rework”. Lowering cost can be simply accomplished by reducing staff, but with what consequences and impact to the business users?

True “IT Support Excellence” is a balance of “Speed, Performance, Customer Satisfaction, Reduced Rework and the ability to Focus on Strategic Work (Enhancements & Maintenance). The Customer Testimonials contained in the download file section provide a practical “real world” demonstration of the balance between all these “IT Support Excellence” forces in actual application support environments.

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  1. I write the material! after over 40 years in IT service management and Software Development you begin to see the patterns of how to do things better using any framework. After all Good is Good no matter what framework you use to get your results

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