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Project Management and Governance

  • APO – Automated Project Office – Project risk management and performance tracking
  • Project Management and Tracking. Tracer2 combined with MS Project Server – Bi-directional interface between Tracer and Project Server
  • CAI Construction Management development process within Tracer2
  • Application Support Delivery Quality Assurance process – Support and Development Team and Project oversight (audit)
  • Application Support Transition Quality Assurance process – Verifies critical parameters of an application support transition are within expected tolerance This process reduces the risk associated with transitioning support from one group to another and insures that support or development process standards and SLA metrics are uniformly implemented.

Project Development Methodologies Employed within CAI and on Client Development  Projects

  • Fixed Price – Based on Component Specification complexity estimating
  • RUP (Rational Unified Process) Development methodology
  • ClearCase for Software Configuration Management
  • MS Project Server for cross-development center software development
  • Metrics  based management

Process Development and Management

  • Process Configuration Manager within Tracer2 provides the ability to develop discrete work flow processes and maintain them.
  • Defined Maintenance & Support Work Flow Processes – CAI Legacy Application Support Methodology – within Tracer2.
  • Defined Development Work Flow Processes –  CAI Construction Management Methodology – within Tracer2.
  • Process Configuration Manager Provides the ability to modify CAI’s support work flow processes to fit a client environment
  • Process Document Management – Predefined support and development process document templates that can be modified to fit a clients environment. The client can also develop their own process document templates (deliverable) and manage them within the Tracer2 environment.

Training Development and Delivery

  • Instructor and Computer Based Training (CBT) training courses on CAI’s Legacy Application Support methodology.
  • Instructor and CBT training courses on Tracer2 – CAI’s Process, Resource Management and event tracking tool.
  • Instructor led training on Delivery and In-Team Quality Assurance Processes and Techniques – Make sure what you think is working, is really working. Understand root cause analysis and problem identification and mitigation.
  • Application Support Leadership Training – Techniques for optimizing performance, productivity and communication within the application support environment.
  • Robust training development and quality assurance processes. Clients can use this capability to develop or enhance their own internal training programs or have CAI develop it for them.

Application Support Processes and Tools

  • CAI’s field proven and highly successful Legacy Application Maintenance & Support methodology
  • CAI’s Application Support Work Process Flows and sample process deliverable templates imbedded within Tracer
  • Metrics based application support management. Get key measurements down to the resource/task level.
  • Baseline Support Capability Assessment – A step by step process describing how to get a client from a current state environment to a future state so that they can save support costs in access of 30% within the first 12 to 14 months.
  • CAI’s Outsource Application Support Transition Process – field proven over 15 years – guarantees that moving application support from one team to another will be successful with the least amount of risk and that process and metric standards are implemented uniformly and within defined guidelines.

Vericenter Software Testing Services

  • Tools and processes for software testing  –  Complete best practice software testing methodology’s and facilities reduce the testing bottleneck and provide uniform testing procedures and metrics.

Documentation Development and Technical Writing Services

  • State of the art on-line or hard copy document, help text  or technical writing services. CAI’s documentation and technical writing group has 10 years experience in developing state of the art writing and quality control processes. Many clients have used this service to fill the gap developing quality  Technical Manuals, Human Resource Corporate Manuals,  Software User Manuals and Training Manuals.

Help Desk Services

  • Complete Level 1 and Level 2 Help Desk services using industry standard tools – LANDesk, Magic. Reduces the need to develop help desk infrastructure, processes and staff. Metrics driven for continuous improvement.
  • Asset Management

Application Knowledge Capture Services

  • The unique ability to acquire from the heads of the Subject Matter Experts and deploy on the web critical application support knowledge. Support knowledge is a company asset just as is the computer hardware, software and data. We back these assets up frequently in order to secure and safeguard important assets of the company. Who backs up critical application support knowledge acquired over years of experience? Knowledge is an asset which must be safeguarded so it doesn’t walk out the door. CAI’s Application Knowledge Capture offering provides the ability to “back up” critical application knowledge from the heads of the few and make it available to the many.

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