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Since 2004, CAI has used its Managed Service Provider (MSP) program to source all levels of IT talent for several states across the country, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Arkansas, and New Jersey.  As the single point of contact between our client hiring managers and an open supplier network, CAI has filled over 4,600 requirements across more than 175 agencies, totalling over $280 million in contract spend.

While our full-service talent acquisition model can be adapted to meet each client’s needs, it’s built on the following principles, regardless of contract model:

  • Experienced Account Management team that understands industry best practices
  • Metrics-based pricing methodology for every region of the country
  • “High touch” communication based on constant feedback & open dialogue
  • Open supplier network that can supply every type of IT resource
  • Customizable workflow tool to meet specific customer needs
  • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities

By adopting the CAI MSP methodology, clients can refocus their energy on addressing strategic business issues while relying on CAI to manage their staff augmentation programs.

MSP Requirement Lifecycle_with Key

Account Management

Unlike other MSPs, CAI’s Program Office includes account management teams that have decades of IT experience and can manage all phases of the procurement process:

  • Consult with client to create a requirement that will help find the right person
  • Validate and release req. to suppliers via a web-based vendor management system
  • Help suppliers submit candidates
  • Qualify, screen, and present only the most qualified candidates to the client for review
  • Coordinate interviews and facilitate on-boarding duties – background checks, badging, parking, etc.
  • Engage candidate and manage back-office tasks – invoicing, supplier payment, etc.

Operations Support

CAI’s Program Office also supports a dedicated help desk for each MSP contract, answering client and vendor questions throughout the entire procurement life-cycle.  In addition, the Operations team has the ability to create and distribute ad-hoc reports on demand or via scheduled email delivery.

By adopting the CAI MSP model, users have achieved a level of visibility and transparency into procurement operations that was previously unobtainable.

Service Level Agreements

CAI must meet stringent performance-based service level agreements (SLAs) built on SPEED, QUALITY, and ACCURACY.  If we don’t, we’re subject to financial penalty.  To date, we have exceeded every SLA for every contract.

Here are examples of the SLAs we must meet:

  • Submit three qualified candidates in three business days 92% of the time
  • One of those three candidates must be chosen 80% of the time
  • No more than 8% of engaged candidates can resign
  • No more than 5% of engaged candidates can be removed due to poor performance
  • At least 80% of all competitive requirements must be made available to the network

Open Supplier Network

CAI attributes its success to its open network of over 700 unique suppliers that can supply candidates to meet even the most niche skill sets.  Unlike other MSPs, the network is free to join, it can be joined at anytime, and there are no placement fees.

CAI provides the following services to all vendors:

  • Web portals that contain program specifics for each contract, how to join, and how to succeed
  • Meet with interested vendors and share contract best practices, tips, and feedback
  • VMS training (web-based and in-person)
  • Updates on current and upcoming opportunities to help build the pipeline
For more information on the CAI MSP contracts and how to join the network click of any of the links below:
New Jersey:

Supplier Diversity

By adopting an open network approach and mentoring all suppliers on how to succeed, CAI has leveled the playing field for all businesses.  Consider this:

  • Prior to 2004, it was estimated that disadvantaged business enterprises (DBEs) accounted for 5% of Pennsylvania’s competitive business spend.  Today, that number has increased to over 57% under the IT Staff Augmentation Contract.
  • In VA, over 78%of competitive business supplier spend has been won by small, women, and minority owned businesses (SWaMs)
  • In NJ, over 35% of competitive business supplier spend has been won by NJ small business suppliers
  • In AR, almost 25% of competitive business spend has been won by Arkansas-based minority business enterprises (MBEs)

We are very proud of the success that small-, and minority-owned businesses have achieved under the CAI SMP contracts.


Government Agriculture Systems


USA Herds: Animal Health Emergency Reporting Diagnostic System

State agronomists use the consolidated data for tracking and monitoring animal-related agriculture issues across the state, including using GIS tools to visualize distribution of disease or other incidents.  The software was the recipient of the prestigious American Council for Technology’s 2006 “Intergovernmental Solutions Award.”

Functions include:

  • Animal Traceability: Manages multiple animal IDs, including RFID integration
  • Premises Traceability : Stores state and federal IDs, latitude and longitude
  • Veterinarian Tracking: Manages accreditation information, emergency species, and certifications
  • Program Management: Provides a consistent approach to managing diseases
  • External Systems Integration: Integrates with USALims or other laboratory information management system
  • License Management: Manages certification, licensing, and permits, including generating renewal reminders
  • Incident Management: Tracks resources, premises, and animals involved with agricultural incidents
  • Mapping and GIS Integration: Creates radius reports for disease analysis, generates driving directions to sites

The software is currently implemented in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Michigan, Vermont, and Indiana and have formed a consortium for technology sharing.


USA LIMS: Animal Laboratory Information Management System

USALims is a web-based smart client animal laboratory management tool that features automated client report generation, distribution, and auditing; advanced search options; canned comments and shortcuts; and client account and billing management.  It is currently implemented at the three sites that make up the Pennsylvania Animal Diagnostic Laboratory System (PADLS).

The application went live in South Carolina and West Virginia in summer of 2008.  USALims is currently in production at the University of Kentucky (Lexington) and the Breathitt Veterinary Center (Murray State University/ Hopkinsville).  In March 2010, USALims will be in production for the five laboratories in the state of Virginia.

Technical integration includes the following components:

  • Real-time messaging to NAHLN, using Health Level Seven, Inc. (HL7) format
  • Interface with Global Vet Link for exporting of EIA test data
  • Import capabilities from lab equipment, using commercial LIMS-link software
  • Support for RFID import
  • Export to Microsoft Excel and other supported office products
  • Microsoft .NET application architecture with Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Microsoft Reporting Services and Report Builder tool
  • Extensive case tracking (audit trail)
  • States with multiple labs can use the same database
  • Tablet PC for Necropsy
  • Real time integration with USA Herds for test result data


PA Plants: Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

PAPlants is a web-based data repository for managing licenses, certificates, laboratory testing and other aspects of the plant industry.  It includes a disconnected component that enables inspectors in the field to use a laptop or tablet PC.  PAPlants is implemented in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Vermont.

Hosted Repository of Data for Plant Testing

  • Browser-based software using Microsoft ASP VB.NET 2.0
  • SQL Server 2005 database
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Web Service to Geocode Addresses
  • Google Maps API v2
  • Barcode technology

Laptop/Tablet Application

  • Client/server application utilizing VB.NET 2.0
  • SQL Server Express 2005
  • Field reporting using SSRS, local printers
  • Data synchronization

Functionality: PAPlants supports the following programs and functions:


  • Feed and Fertilizer
  • Lime
  • Seed
  • Soil/Plant Amendments
  • Nutrient Management
  • Plant Merchant
  • Pesticide Dealers
  • Manure Haulers
  • Apiary Licensing
  • Hypersensitive Individuals
  • Animal Feed and Lime Tonnage


  • Extensive search capability
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Maps, directions to exams, nurseries, etc.
  • Barcode labels for renewals, reports, samples
  • Work lists for lab analysts
  • Canned comments for quick entry of text
  • Billing/payment processing
  • Direct email from within the application
  • Role- and program-based security
  • Complete audit history of all transactions
  • More than 130 reports



PAMeals is a web-based application used by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Food Distribution to perform food and funding allocations for programs such as The Emergency Food Assistance Program, Commodity Supplemental Food Program, National School Lunch Program, Summer Feeding Program, Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program and others. These programs help to provide nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to more than 30 million children each school day.

In addition, this multi-functional application assists the Bureau in the distribution and tracking of checks sent to eligible WIC and senior recipients in support of the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program. Checks are distributed throughout the state and allow recipients to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from Pennsylvania farmers.

The system incorporates the following functionality:

  • Account Management: This includes agencies such as schools, distributors, processors, farmers, etc. The system allows for multiple address tracking, agreement information, reviews.
  • Commodities: Allows the Bureau to maintain a list of all Commodities that may be offered to schools and other institutions throughout the State.
  • Allocations: Provides a consistent approach to distributing commodities
  • Forwarding Notice Tracking : Tracks Forwarding Notices received from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) allowing staff to tie deliveries to initial allocations.
  • Data Import: Allows the system to process data files received from Distributors and Processors. These files allow staff to accurately track the status of allocations and individual commodities.
  • Invoices: PAMeals includes an invoicing sub-system allowing the generation of invoices.
  • Farm Market Management and Search: Allows the Bureau to maintain a list Farm Markets throughout the State.
  • Check Management: Allows for the distribution and tracking of checks in support of the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program.
  • Reporting: PAMeals has a robust reporting mechanism allowing staff to view system data in a variety of ways. All reports are exportable in a variety of formats including Microsoft Excel and PDF.
  • User Management: Internal administration tools allow key staff to create and maintain user accounts.



PaDogs is a single-point of entry, web-based application which allows collection of the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement data.  The data is used by the Bureau to administer and maintain licensing activities, tracking funds acquired and disbursed and to generate Bureau required reports and other Right-To-Know inquiries.  The application has been in production in Pennsylvania for four years.

Features Include:

  • Kennel Licensing Maintenance – including payments and inspections
  • Holding & Disposing Maintenance – auditing & invoicing
  • Incident Maintenance – Citations, Dangerous Dogs, Damage Claims, Dog Bites
  • Dangerous Dog Registry
  • Rabies Certification Maintenance
  • Dog Warden Activity Log


PETS (Pet Emergency Tracking System)

The PETS application is provided to the various counties/shelters in Indiana. In the event of an emergency where constituents are displaced from their homes, the application will serve as a means to help locate and track the location of their companion animals.  The application also serves as a tool for capacity planning at the shelters to determine best location for animal occupancy in the event of an emergency.  The application operates in standalone mode as well as a connected environment and provides data synchronization among all of the Indian shelters.  The PETS application is a component of USAHerds which serves as the central repository for the collective data.

The PETS system includes the following functions:

  • Digital photograph association to help match pets with owners
  • Collection of vaccination, treatment of disease and injuries
  • Collection of detailed animal information
    • Species
    • Breed
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Markings/ID
  • Collection of owner information
  • Detailed tracking of animal movement amongst shelters/facilities

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