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Configuration and Change Management for Application Maintenance Services(Like Applications developed in house)

Hi Bob,

We are implementing Configuration Management and Change Management process for Application Maintenance and Application Implementation Services.The major question is to identify what should be considered as CI.Because if all the code is considered as CI then how the change management be practiced even if a small change in the code is done?This becomes too tedius if Change management activities are to be carried out even for a small change,Now that we have Content Management System which takes care of doing changes to the look and feel of the application with out user changing the background code.

Kindly help me to understand in setting the scope for Change and Config management for an application maintenance service as per ISO 20000 standards.


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  1. Prashanath, if you identify all units of code (programs, modules, functional objects) as a CI then the individual CI’s are grouped under the application,and have a source code version management system. Tt is quite appropriate under the ITIL definitions of a CI to call a program a CI. Additionally,  if you have Source Code Library Management system, that can certainly be considered a CMS (Configuration Management System), though it is not really relevant to an integrated CMDB. No one ever said that all CMS’s had to be under a single global CMDB only that the appropriate cross references at a high level are pointed to the CMS, in this case the source code version control system. In any shop that even has their stuff together even a little bit they have a source code management system. In my opinion this satisfies the management of the company asset called “programs” CI’s and nothing additional needs to be done except to detail the process and rules used in the management of source code within the Change Management Policies. Nothing additional needs to be done, so I cannot see where it would be tedious, if the code is being version controlled, checked out and checked back in, with appropriate annotations. Just normal procedures. OR am I missing something. Seems like you might be over thinking the issue of a program being a CI and a Source Code Library Management System being a CMS. That is about it……..  Bob

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