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Critical Application Support Knowledge Becoming Extinct! Part 2

The baby boomers are retiring at an ever increasing rate, critical IT application knowledge is moving off-shore at an ever increasing rate, and the work force is more mobile now than it has ever been. The IT industry is experiencing an unprecedented “Brain Drain” particularly within the IT application support environment. Who is going to be left behind to mind the store? Where will all the application support knowledge go that has been accumulated over many years?

When “Charlie” (the go-to-guy who fixes any serious problem) is gone who will take his place? How will others learn what took “Charlie” 10 to 15 years, if he is gone and all the critical knowledge was only in Charlie’s head?

What took “Charlie” one hour to fix, may take several people many hours or days to fix.  This can lead to serious business interruption, project schedule overruns and a dramatic increase in application support costs.

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