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Difference between application support and application maintenance

Hi Bob, how do we measure the difference between application support and application maintenance? how this can be document?

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  1. Mohan, generally application support deals with, Technical or Application help (L2 or L3) to users and Incident (Break Fix) or Problem Management. Application Maintenance is generally associated with Application Maintenance or Enhancements (small to medium development projects). Usingthese definitions the metrics sort of drop out automatically. End User technical support – Technical Consulting or Incident break fix are usually measured by 3 metrics. Time to Respond, Time to Resolve and Scheduled to Actual Completion Date compliance (if lasts over several days). Application Maintenance (tax table changes, department code changes, regulatory rule changes etc), or Application Enhancements (adaptive, corrective, perfective) are measured as you would any software project. Estimate to Actual hours comparison, Scheduled to Actual completion date compliance, Estimated $ Budget to Actual Spend, Earned Value. You know standard software project metrics. they are just smaller for application maintenance / enhancements than full development projects.  Having said all this you need a tool or tools to capture the data for each of these support event types. You also need to establish SLG’s (Service Level Goals) for each metric which usually comes from a SLA (Service Level Agreement). All these pieces must work together and at the right time during the life of the particular support event. I hope this helps.   Bob

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