diff between support & Implementation

April 28, 2016 • ITIL V3 Application Support Q & A

What is the difference between Support and Implementation
If some one asks us why we are choosing Support Project then what should we say

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One Response to diff between support & Implementation

  1. Bob Anderson says:

    Depends on the context of  the question being asked. Typically, “Support”means User Technical Support, Investigation or Incident / Problem Management. Additionally, within an Application Support team, you can have Application Maintenance and Enhancement which technically can be classified as “Software Development”projects – Adaptive, Perfective, Corrective etc. Yes, all these support event types come under the overall umbrella heading of “Application Support Services”  Implementation, is the end of the line – You can advise or consult on a support call but you do not typically implement anything. If you have an application maintenance or enhancement, you will implement the solution or problem fix. So in this context “Implement” is a definitive action that changes a support / business process or component. You implement a solution, you do not implement a answer to a technical question asked by a user. Do you see the difference.   Bob

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