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FTR metric definition

What would be the formula for calculating the metric:FTR(First Time Right)?

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  1. Anikumar, the definition of FTR depends on the type of work being done: For example Maintenance / Enhancement would be different from Incident Repair which would be different from User Technical Support. Each FTR will be different depending on the characteristics of the type of work being performed. (1)Incident remediation FTR means that SLA’s are met (time to respond and time to resolve are examples) and the customer is satisfied with the outcome, (2) User Technical Support FTR means SLA’s are met (same as incident) and the customer is satisfied with the outcome. (3) Application Maintenance & Enhancements (small to medium development projects) FTR means:  On-Time (Target Date Compliance), In-Budget (Estimate Accuracy), Requirements of the request are met (output meets customer expectations – can be scored) and the customer is satisfied with the outcome. When an application change is moved into production – IT WORKS first time every time (warranty period is met – defined number of days of operation without failure or number of run cycles completed without failure).  As I said earlier, the formula for FTR would be changed for each type of work being performed. You can use the elements noted above as a good starting point. Values can be assigned to each measurement characteristic and graphed over a period of time. Trends can be calculated. Naturally, you must have a way to capture relevant data in order to calculate the metrics which define FTR. I hope this helps.   Bob

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