Application Knowledge Becoming Extinct

Intellectual Capital Management – Protect your IT Knowledge Investment

Protecting IT application knowledge investment is a critical responsibility because companies face the potential for loss of service, costly re-creation of information and expensive training due to:

Strategic Issues

  • Aging, complex, modified, unique software
  • Many companies face loss through retirement, redeployment of key knowledge workers, costly re-creation of information and expensive training of replacements

Support Issues

  • Lack of process in Application Support which, in many cases, is still primarily reactive
  • Incomplete or nonexistent application documentation
  • Knowledge residing within the heads of individuals and contractors, instead of being institutionalized within the IT Department

Human Resource Issues

  • Departure of Experts: those with critical knowledge may soon leave
  • High usage of contractors that have limited long term commitment to the organization.
  • Disproportionate amount of IT staff time is occupied with Legacy Support, not new strategic initiatives

Critical Threat

  • Off-shore outsourcing of Application Support and loss of control of key business applications

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