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service designIn the Service Design phase, new or changed services that are aligned with the business goals (defined in Service Strategy) are designed and developed for introduction into the production environment.  The processes that govern the management and delivery of services are also developed in this Life cycle phase.

This phase starts with a set of new or changed business requirements and ends with the development of a service solution designed to meet the needs of the business.


Service Design ensures that service organizations can deliver quality, cost-effective services and meet all of the business’ requirements for the planned services.  It also provides the following benefits:

  • Improved consistency of service
  • Easier implementation of new or changed services
  • Improved service alignment with business needs
  • Improved IT governance
  • Improved quality of service [i]
ITIL V3 Lifecycle and related material Copywrite by Office of Government Commerce, Norwich, UK, 2007

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