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 Application Support teams are mainly composed of IT technical staff, however, due to the nature of their close interaction with the business they must maintain a strong service management orientation and an awareness of service level expectations.  Their performance and activities are usually governed by service level goals that are consistent with the Service Level Agreements that the IT organization has established with its customers.

 ITIL presents the IT Service Management life cycle and processes in a way that is independent of how the IT Organization is structured. However, ITIL’s process disciplines can still be used to describe good practices for managing a service-oriented Application Support team.

Processes and documents that are used by an application support team can be found in all of the ITIL life cycle phases, from Service Strategy to Continual Service Improvement. 

The ITIL Service Management life cycle is a broad service management model that can apply to any IT service-related activity. The following graphic illustrates how the V3 Service Life cycle can apply specifically to the application support function and demonstrates a life cycle implementation approach to managing an application support function.    

ITIL V3 Process Flow

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