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The ITIL Service Management life cycle is a broad service management model that can apply to any IT service-related activity.  The following postings will illustrate how the V3 Service Lifecycle can apply specifically to the application support function. 

Other sections of  this blog provide an overview of an ITIL  Lifecycle implementation approach to Application Support and describes:


  • How each phase applies to application support
  • The primary implementation resource responsible for each phase
  • How each process applies to application support
  • How each process outcome applies to application support
  • The value of each application support Lifecycle phase

In other sections of the blog, the primary IT Organization resource responsible for implementing each phase is discussed. In order to be effective, the resource should have the appropriate skill set and focus for each implementation phase. Also discussed are how each phase in the ITIL V3 Lifecycle influence the implementation or change to application support services.


ITIL V3 Lifecycle and related material Copywrite by Office of Government Commerce, Norwich, UK, 2007.

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