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I have recently taken over the application support of our in house developed ASP.NET applications. I am keen to set up a Wiki to contain / consolidate all the key support information which is all over the place at the moment. Is there an ITIL standard wiki / website structure per application / product? In the first instance the users of the site would be support staff. The long term aim may be to combine this with user facing help documentation.

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  1. Matt, read the last “Ask Bob” posting, the other person had a similar question on structuring “folders” for application support that followed ITIL V3 structure. That may help. However, before you develop WIKI or Share Point site, you need to determine exactly what information you want and if you want to follow ITIL V3 structure or your own. I do not know of any specific web site or guidelines for developing a web site for applications. I might suggest that there is key application knowledge that any application support group needs to support applications, additionally much of that same information the application users need as well. Go to the section of my blog that talks about “Protecting Intellectual Capitol” in this case it is Application Knowledge, look at the knowledge content areas, I suggest that you go to the download section of the site and open the Application Knowledge Capture Framework document. It reviews key knowledge content areas, why they are important and how to use them. If you use this type of information, your WIKI can be structured by specific content area. This is somewhat different than a strictly ITIL approach to application documentation as noted in the previous posting, but between the two you should get a good idea of what content is necessary which will also give you an idea of how to structure your site. I hope this helps.   Bob

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