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what is a astatus report (history) of your services IT components

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  1. Marie, if you are talking about IT components like equipment assets that would be one type of history. If you are talking about IT Components of a business application, like programs or batch jobs / scripts then that would be a different type of history. I will make the assumption that we are talking about application components (programs, objects and the like). This would mean that a “status report” would be able to tell what has happened to this application component over time. Like maintenance or enhancements, or Incidents related to this component. You would need some tracking system like  Tracer (see blog) that tracks all activity (enhancements, support calls, incidents), by application and component. You would need to track not only the event and application but also the components involved (example indecent occurred in the Payroll System and Program ZYZ was the cause). Then you also track what resources were assigned, how much time was spent and what was the solution or fix to the program. A status report by component could list all the events that effected this component, when, what was done and how much time was spent and even possibly if it met the SLA’s. I am not sure if this is what you wanted but it is the best I can come up with, unless you can be a bit more specific.   Bob

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