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Hi bob ,

Can u pls suggest me an ITSM tool which can u used to track all IT service management activities on day to day basis ,capture SLA (OLA ‘s Set by the organistaion ),All Management reports (trend analysis,Process behaviour charts ),Effort capture ,Work load analysis .

I am looking for a SM tool for my organistion so that it can adapt to ITIL Life cycle model /cmmi for Services model .

Also when you suggest me a tool also pls give me an insight on whom to and how to contact the concerned parties to incorporate that particular tool in my organisation .

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  1. Shree, there are a number of ITSM tools out there. All you have to do is Google “IT Service Management Tools” you will get a goodly number. However, you must be very careful. What is required is a standard “software acquisition analysis”. Determine what functions represent your the critical business needs of both the IT and Business organizations. Build a grid – functions on the rows and software tools in the columns. You should also probably weight the functions (use numbers to represent level of importance – all functions are not equal for your organization). From the general information on the web contact the vendor. Initially, it can be a conference call. Mark what features they have that you need. This will eliminate some in the first cut. Then, if your major requirements are satisfied get a demo and ask more detailed questions (log all answers on the grid). Make sure you ask about license cost or outright purchase, hosted or installed on  your gear, annual maintenance fees. Then add up the numbers and see which tool has the highest score. However, having said all this look on the blog take a look at the “Tracer” ITSM Tool. Hover over the top banner in the blog for Tracer ITSM Tool – you should get a drop down list – click on the very top (that shows on the menu bar) and then on subsequent entries in the list. This ITSM Tool focuses on Work Processes, Resources, Work events, Tasks, Service Level metrics and reporting – The tool does not have a CMDB or other asset management tools usually associated with infrastructure. What I am trying to say is fit the tool to the need. Getting buy in from the IT organization will be critical. Having a good tool without the discipline to use it is just a waste of money.  Hope this helps a bit.     Bob

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