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Key Metrics for Application Outsourcing – What to Measure!

When you decide to outsource, SLAs tend to enter the picture pretty fast. Building the best and most appropriate SLA on a case by case basis means selecting from a multitude of potential metrics, and for that, Bob Anderson is here to help. In a thorough and lengthy post, Anderson breaks down many of the metrics available to us and explains the inherent value of using them. He starts with the practical basics, such as defining what a “day” might mean as it pertains to time zones and weekends. Then he moves on to more specific metrics such as efficiency metrics and customer satisfaction metrics. Once you command a full understanding of all the possible metrics, you will be in a better position to create SLAs on demand as outsourcing occurs. Consult the full list of terms and their practical functions if you want to spend more time getting work done and less time shuffling through paperwork.

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