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Hi Bob,
Since I have make a control of doubts from our dealers questions, that uses our SW, is possible to see evaluation of our intern SLA.
Me question is: I find only three metrics using to compare months to months our evolaution: error programs, legislation, improvements. Can you see another point to include in this metrics that I used?
Thank you in advance for the answer.
Best Regards,
Gunther Gortz

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  1. Gunter, there are many possible SLA components and metrics that can be defined for any application software support. First I would recommend that you read this article which I had published in Computer World on “How to create Meaningful IT Support SLA’s”  use this link:    Second to be a but more specific:

    Usually the kind of service level goals that are associated with supporting business applications fall into these general areas (not exclusively but will give you a good start: 1 – Critical Application Down time (or use the inverse, Application Availability) – total number of hours per day or week the application needs to be up then if there were a failure incident that took down ANY component the clock starts on application down time and does not stop until the incident is closed. 2 – Number of support Calls Responded and Resolved within SLA Guidelines, by severity  (SLA Goals – Critical, High, Medium, Sow),  Number of Incidents Responded and Resolved within SLA Guidelines (same as support calls), Number of Work Requests (maintenance or enhancements) on-time and within budget – or another way of saying “Estimate Accuracy” within a bandwidth of say  80% to 110% of original  estimate that was approved (within budget), and “Target Date Compliance”  Work Request completed on or before the agreed (with requester or business process owner)  scheduled completion date (on-time). You track the number of occurrences of each of these metrics across a rolling 12 month period and line or bar graph the number of events (Calls, Incidents and Work Requests) that were Within or Outside guidelines – very binary, you meet the goal for that particular metric goal or you did not. The SLA is the contract between IT and the Users that define the service to be delivered and at what levels of performance for the various types of work and how long the application must be available or resources on call.   Bob

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