Key Metrics Application Outsourcing - What to Measure!

How do you know which service metrics to use and how do they reflect your organizations performance?

Throughout our history, we have consistently focused on software metrics. One of our thought leaders, Manfred Bundschuh, sat down with us and gave us an interview regarding his thoughts on software metrics.

Manfred is a big proponent of using software metrics properly to evaluate organizations. In his words:

Measurement can be a double-edged sword. It can save money and time, or it can cause damage to an organization. Organizations that border on a culture of malpractice will use numbers and statistics to say anything they want. On the other hand, the best performers tend to utilize their software metrics data properly. Read More>>

He readily admits that there are over a thousand different metrics that can be used to evaluate an organization, and that the tools for executing measurement, while not as numerous, are just as varied. He provides a lot of questions an organizations can use to determine what metrics they should collect based on their situation. He examines four reasons why metrics programs fail. He makes the point that:

 “The fact is, organizations have no idea how inefficient and unproductive they are. They do not take the time or effort to learn about best practices. As a result, they continue to operate in the dark; uninformed of all the various methods that could be having a positive impact on their business.” Read More>>

And we agree. What are your thoughts on the importance of appropriate metrics in evaluating whether an organization has selected the very best practices?

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  1. You cannot manage what you cannot measure. It is all in how management uses the measurements. To improve or to beat people up! But without metrics and measurements you are flying blind in a fog through tight mountian passes (you get the image)………..BOOM! Bob

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