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What Metrics are Valuable to the Typical CIO?

One of the key focuses of any application support effort should be measuring the progress of the support team and reporting to higher management. This begs the question – What metrics would be valuable to the typical CIO?

Nick Spanos explores this question in his article on “100 IT Performance Metrics.” He begins by stating that the goal of any IT organization is “to provide an information processing capability that benefits the business.” He continues by stating:

“One hundred data elements is more than a typical CIO would review. The CIO’s management team should be tracking and managing to these metrics. The highlighted metrics should be reviewed by a CIO on a regular basis.” Read More>>

He then lists in tabular form (for many pages) the top 100 measures he believes should be employed and whether they are a number or a graphical display. You’ll want to review each measure closely and come back to the blog ready to make your case for your favorite metrics.

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  1. Beth you are quite welcome, the main thing is to 1. Define Metrics you want to track, 2. Define Service Level Goals for each metric, 3. Capture data as soon as possible on the data that the metrics are linked to. 4. Have a service level agreement with users this will develop a partnership between IT and the applicaiton user community. Bob

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