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Oracle Service – Support Model

Hi Bob,
I am developing a Support Model for the Oracle Service offering within our company (an Oracle Service being defined as a service offering within a Service Portfolio). Am struggling and cannot seem to find any relevant templates. Can you suggest a way forward?

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  1. Katherine, when defining a “Support Model” for an Oracle Service Offering, consider that a Service Portfolio as you used the term seems to mean what support services will be delivered within the Oracle environment. Unless I miss my guess, Oracle, is just software or DB engine supporting specific applications. IT Support Services or Service Portfolio (what services will be delivered at what service levels), hinges on the key service element of a Service Level Agreement, an SLA defines the services to be delivered, what constraints, what will be measured, what rates of service improvement are required. Basically an SLA is the contract between the service provider and the business customer receiving the service. Please take a look at the download section of the blog, there is a down-loadable document starting with IT Mentor – How to develop meaningful IT Service Level Agreements, this article was published in Computer World and should provide the information you need to develop a good SLA.

    Be careful about over complicating and using industry jargon, it may confuse the issue of just what you are trying to accomplish. I think you need to develop a template for a SLA that you can define the “service portfolio” and relevant service delivery metrics with the customer.  Bob

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