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Preserve Intellectual Capital using CAI’s Application Knowledge Capture

The CAI AKC service offering reduces business risk by protecting critical knowledge assets:

  • AKC offers protection of strategic application knowledge assets
  • Overcomes current constraints and risk resulting from consultants having all of the application knowledge in their heads and prepares the  IT executives for future direction from business management or emerging business needs
  • Enables greater flexibility and reduced risk in redeploying key application knowledge workers in strategic IT initiatives
  • CAI has 20+ years experience in developing and successfully implementing AKC for hundreds of clients
  • Core Competency – CAI has been successfully doing Application Knowledge Capture for 20 years – Defined processes, knowledge  templates, and web deployable knowledge artifacts
  • Minimal Disruption to Existing Staff
  • CAI has Focused/Dedicated Resources within its AKC Practice

The Return on Investment (ROI) for CAI’s AKC offering:

  • Institutionalized access to the application’s architecture, components, critical threat areas and solutions
  • Reduced learning curve for new team members, application users and operational managers
  • The ability to facilitate cross training
  • Mitigates reliance on key team members / SME contractors for fixing problems and questions from application users

Risk Mitigation

  • Increase accuracy of application enhancements / maintenance and support estimates
  • Increase accuracy, reduced time of problem of problem identification and solution implementation
  • Reduce dependency on knowledge residing solely in the heads of specific individuals (system guru’s)

Becomes the Platform for system functionality definition if system needs to be replaced

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