Preventive Maintenance

April 28, 2016 • ITIL V3 Application Support Q & A

I’ve been researching around for a while to identify the preventive maintenance which can be done for application support. However, apart from setting up monitoring, Database housekeeping & resiliency testing of the applications I couldn’t really explore anything new. Would you be kind enough to shed some lights. thnx

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One Response to Preventive Maintenance

  1. Bob Anderson says:

    Basically you are doing the only things that I would do regarding application “preventative maintenance” . You have to determine which components you want to track, then establish what criteria that are important to review and measure. For example mean time between failure, tracking specific inquiries or incident history related to specific application components. Develop statistical graphs that analyze activity on application components over time and the type of activity. Based on quantitative analysis determine a “PM” (preventative maintenance) review and remediation schedule. It could be as simple as some linked spreadsheets or as complex as a tracking application. I am not aware of any software on the market that specifically addresses this subject. I have developed my own software for tracking these things. Look on the blog for a ITSM tool called Tracer. One of the functions that it does is what I mentioned above. Just developing something that tracks application component history is not very difficult, the discipline to maintain the data does take some ongoing effort. Hope this helps.   Bob

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