Application Knowledge Becoming Extinct

Protect Intellectual Capital – Before it’s too late!

Institutionalizing Business and Operational Knowledge are critical components of any business organization. The capture and easy deployment of organizational knowledge improves employee productivity regardless of whether they are a senior marketing executive or a customer service representative.
Knowledge is a business asset. The value of capturing and maintaining a business’ critical operational knowledge is no different for an IT organization. In fact, in an environment that is considered less mature and more volatile by industry experts, the importance of institutionalized application knowledge and documentation is significantly increased.

CAI’s AKC process is not able to address the fact that the application code base is spaghetti. CAI’s AKC Process does, however, address the lack of documentation in critical knowledge areas that are typically in people’s heads. This knowledge in the heads of a few application experts is at risk of being lost due to the highly mobile work force, retirements of baby boomers, contractors or off-shore outsourcing. It is not a question of “IF” the knowledge will be lost but “When” will the knowledge be lost?


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