Application SupportTRACER: 360 Degree Visibility & Control

How We Provide Visibility, Control, and Optimization to Yield World-Class Application Support?

The focus of this blog has been management of IT services, including Application Support. We pride ourselves on our ITIL  Application Support Methodology, which gives us the following capabilities that set us apart from our competitors:

  • The ability to standardize a business’s application support environment around industry and client-centric best practices
  • The capability to automate desired behaviors and outcomes to institutionalize success throughout the entire IT organization
  • The discipline and tools to measure all relevant data points providing high levels of management and team visibility to enable a rich, service level driven environment
  • The ability to provide an unprecedented level of Visibility, Control, and Optimization of the application support environment

One of the tools we use to achieve these capabilities is Tracer. Tracer provides visibility and control into any IT service activity, whether it is operational services, unscheduled on-demand requests such as problems and consultation requests, or scheduled projects and enhancements. Of course, each service category requires different management processes, which can be configured for individual customer sites.

One final note: Tracer has a partnership with SEER. “SEER provides a systematic approach for estimating the resources and scheduling that software development requires, and an unparalleled capability for trade-off and risk analysis.” SEER is a complete CMMI Project Management solution by Galorath that establishes estimates and automatically generates project plans based on those estimates, monitors projects against the plan, and aligns measurement and analysis activities.

Take a look around for yourself. Let us know what you think about our methodology, tools, and partnership. By all means, contact us if you think you have a project that would benefit by a management solution such as Tracer or SEER Tracer.

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