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How Can Service Management Ease the Transition to Cloud Computing?

One of the newest developments in IT is cloud computing. According to the Finance New Mexico site, cloud computing is “a new generation of computing that utilizes distant servers for data storage and management, allowing the device to use smaller and more efficient chips that consume less energy than standard computers.” So where does service management fit into this brave new computing development?

In the article, “IT Service Management Can Ease Cloud Transition,” the issues surrounding IT departments and the move to cloud computing are explored. There is some question about what roles will be played by internal resources and what roles will be played by offshore resources. Even the very function of an IT department is in question about how it will metamorphasize in this new environment. How can these shifts in role, purpose, and thought be made easier for IT resources?

According to the article:

This shift could provide a boost for the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and other IT service management methodologies. …One of ITIL’s key recommendations is establishing a service catalog, which should make it easier to determine which internal services are good candidates for migration to the cloud and help ensure a smooth transition for those that are selected. Read More>>

Have you been affected by cloud computing? Has anyone in your organization tried to apply ITIL’s service management methodologies to this radical shift in thinking? We invite you to share your experiences with us on our blog.

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  1. DTransition to “cloud computing” sounds like a project rather than a service. There are different goals for projects than there are for continuing service management. I suggest you use something like a project SDLC to help you through this replatforming initiative. Service management cannot really help you here. Bob

  2. Transition to ” Cloud Computing” is a Project not a service item. Once converted then you are in the service environment where you want to know, the response time of the cloud, the screen responses, number of errors in the new environment, Down time of the cloud, These are service items once the conversion is completed and you are in Service Operations. This is more a infrastructre project and should be treated like any projecy. Estimates target dates, etc. Bob

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