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Service Request Notification time

Hi Bob

We’ve just had a “best practice” Service Management tool implemented. However, it does not auto-notify of new Service Requests or RFC’s. So it relies on manual checking. This does not sound best practice to me. So I wondered if auto notification is a recommended best practice requirement? Any ideas where it is listed? thanks, Reuben

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  1. Reuben, Service Request Notification is certainly a nice to have in an automated tool, however, I have never seen any Service Management Standard where that is identified as a “best practice.”

    My assumption is that your customers can enter their own service requests into your tool and that there is no automatic function that lets the service delivery team know that one has been entered. However, the tool should have a service dashboard that would highlight new service requests though not notify you automatically via e-mail.

    Like I said that is certainly a nice to have but not identified specifically as a “best practice” you might ask the software vendor if there is some configuration feature that can help you out with this function or if they plan to incorporate this feature in a future release.
    Good Luck………….  Bob

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