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Structuring Meaningful SLA’s for IT Support- Part 4b

Service Levels Goals (SLG’s)

Service Levels Goals represent the performance expectations of the customer for specific services being delivered. SLG’s are performance expectations for defined service measurements (metrics). These measurements determine if the service provider is meeting the basic service commitments. Depending on the services and metrics, different data are required in order to measure service performance.

Example SLG: Metric: Equipment/Network Availability – SLG: 99% 24/7

Example SLG: Metric: Critical incidents resolved SLG: within 2 hours

SLG’s are useless unless actual performance data are collected, measured and reported against service commitments stated in the Service Level Agreement.

Service Improvement Goals (SIG’s)

Service Improvement Goals (SIG’s) establish the required amount and rate of improvement for a specific SLG over time. An SIG requires that not only specific SLG performance data is captured but also that a performance trend is calculated over a specified period of time. This trend indicates the rate of improvement and if the improvement goal has been achieved.

Service Performance Incentives / Penalties

An SLA may contain a service performance incentives or penalty clauses. These may be written in such a way that provides financial incentives for exceeding service goals penalizes the service provider if service goals are not met.


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