ITIL V3 Application Support Book

“ITIL V3 Application Support”  provides the reader with an introduction to the ITIL® Version 3 (V3) Service Lifecycle and Computer Aid, Inc.’s (CAI) Application Support Lifecycle. It describes how CAI’s Application Support Life Cycle processes align with ITIL V3 and can be used to manage Application Support services. The book is based upon CAI’s 18 years of experience with using a service Lifecycle approach to managing the Application Support function. This book describes a clear road map for implementing ITIL V3 Service Management for Application Support.

This book shows that CAI’s Lifecycle approach for managing the application support function is closely aligned with ITIL V3’s approach to managing all IT services.  It provides a road map for improving Application Support and for implementing ITIL V3.  With this book, the reader will gain a better understanding of ITIL V3, its processes, its outcomes, and its practical application for IT application support services.



ITIL V3 Lifecycle and related material Copywrite by Office of Government Commerce, Norwich, UK, 2007
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