Tracer – CAI’s IT Service Management Tool


Tracer, CAI’s Application Support Service Management tool is the single point of integration for all IT Service Management (ITSM) processes, SLA performance goals, operational data and service operations reporting.

 Tracer enables IT service delivery professionals to track all work throughout the complete process lifecycle. Tracer insures that relevant work and performance data are captured real-time as work is being performed. These features of Tracer provide an unprecedented level application support visibility, control, performance improvement and cost reduction capability.

 Only Tracer has these critical IT service management capabilities:

  •  Defined work processes aligned with ITIL V3 / ISO 20000  standards and specifically designed for the application support service environment
  • Work, resource, SLA performance and time data collection integrated within work processes
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) tracking and performance reporting

 All these components function seamlessly within a single integrated operating environment and data repository.

 Tracer was designed for the day-to-day operating environment of IT application support service management professional with a minimum of data interaction and distraction from their real work..

 The flexibility of Tracer’s configuration tables allows for easy adaptability to virtually any IT service environment. Tracer’s real-time customizable dashboard display the status of ll work assignments with color coding (red, yellow, green) that highlighting any work assignments jeopardizing service level goals

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