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ITIL is a framework that defines IT service standards. CAI’s predefined application support process templates, supplied with Tracer, enable compliance with ITIL service support and delivery standards. Tracer’s process templates address all major work event types within an application support environment including: application maintenance / enhancements, user technical support, and incidents.

ITIL V3 Life-cycle and related material Copyright by Office of Government Commerce, Norwich, UK, 2007
  • IMPROVES YOUR ALIGNMENT with ITIL service management standards
  • ALIGNS IT SERVICES with business needs

The ITIL V3 Life-cycle provides best practice guidelines for implementing a new service or changing an existing service. The IT organization is primarily a service delivery organization. Over 80% of the IT budget (Gartner 2007) is consumed in providing services to the business. If the IT organization uses the ITIL framework with a view to “practical” and incremental service improvement then great benefit can be accrued very quickly in the form of improved service to customers (internal and external), lower service cost and improved quality of services and products delivered.

1 - ITIL Lifecycle













  The life-cycle processes build upon each other with the desired outcome of delivering superior service operations to the business customers by having repeatable processes in place, service level agreements, defined service parameters and communication protocols and continual service improvement initiatives constantly reviewing and implementing process and operational changes designed to improve service delivery and quality of service at a cost that represents value to the business.

2 - ITIL Process Flow


“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” AND you can’t measure without DATA. This statement is axiomatic. True, regardless of organization, industry or management style. In collecting data for “infrastructure” there are many automated hardware and software tools that can analyze equipment capacity, performance and operational stability. There are an equal number of Service Desk (Help Desk) tools that can track tickets, and time / effort it takes to resolve the ticket. Additionally, there still other process and work flow tools that help to identify how work flows through the organization. However, there are very few tools that combine work flow within daily operations where the support analyst must complete each step in the work process, capture data related to that item of work AND capture time at each step within the process. Finally, we have the ability to measure all work and resources against Service Level commitments – all in one tool – Tracer is the tool that can do all this and much more.


Tracer was designed specifically for the IT support environment. Level 2 and Level 3 support requires a different process and operational focus than in a Level 1 Help Desk. Though Service Desk is intended to incorporate end-to end service processes and metrics, in practice this is very difficult to achieve. There are many types of work constantly bombarding the support team: Technical Support Calls, Incidents, Problem Management, System or Application Maintenance / Enhancements, Service Level Metric Compliance and Time tracking (both direct and indirect labor). Tracer is one of the only applications in the market place today that accommodates all these requirements in one seamlessly integrated environment. In addition, Tracer interfaces with Help Desk and Project Management software so that there is no duplicate data entry.    


  3a - Tracer Process Flow_Jody


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