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Tracer has a bi-directional interface with MS Project Server to provide maximum flexibility in planning and scheduling a project. Projects can be defined either in Tracer or MS Project Server. Once a project has been identified as one that needs to be synchronized, the two tools automatically update each other. As a result, the power of MS Project Server can be used for defining tasks and their dependencies, as well as resource leveling and scheduling. Tracer’s power is the ability to track tasks and effort at the resource level as work is being performed.


  • Bi-Directional interface that SYNCHRONIZES MS PROJECT DETAIL with Tracer work events
  • MS Project Task assignments automatically show up on RESOURCE DASHBOARDS
  • Tracer’s interface LEVERAGES THE FUNCTIONALITY of MS Project for resource loading and scheduling

Project plans can be created within Tracer and uploaded into MS Project Server for load leveling and scheduling or project plans can be downloaded into Tracer from MS Project Server. Project plans can be created independent of  Tracer: resource assignment, estimating, successor / predecessor relationships, l0ad leveling and scheduling. The completed project plan can be imported into Tracer and all tasks will automatically be distributed to resource dashboards. Time is tracked against tasks and when tasks are closed in Tracer MS Project Server updated with all relevant data from Tracer. In this way Tracer and MS Project are always kept in sync.


If tasks are added, changed, deleted or resource task relationships changes in MS Project, all changes are automatically passed along to Tracer and are reflected “Immediately”on the individual resource dashboards. All metric reporting: Estimate / Actual, Earned Value. Performance Ratios and much more are automatically produced by Tracer. All standard reports produced by MS Project Server are now accurate and up-to-date as of the last synchronization (which can be done at any time).


Tracer keeps the MS Project Plan and Tracer data in sync – all tasks are tracked by resources on their individual task dashboard. Each resource can see if their tasks are on-schedule or late. Late task alerts can be automatically sent to the Project Manager. Project issues can be tracked within Tracer which communicate items that are delaying work. Issues are directed through alerts to those who are responsible for insuring issues are resolved in a timely manner.

Grater visibility of individual tasks throughout the project team helps insure that late tasks cannot go un-noticed by the resource or Project Manager.


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