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The Process Configuration Manager (PCM) within Tracer provides the ability to either modify predefined process templates or create new process templates. These templates contain a sequence of steps that specify how a process is completed. They have multiple control characteristics that affect the behavior of the process. The PCM contains the ability to model and define any IT process.


  • Tracer allows you to CUSTOMIZE PRE-CONFIGURED PROCESSES to meet YOUR business needs
  • Tracer allows you to CREATE NEW PROCESSES for YOUR organization

The following screen displays a list of process templates within Tracer. Each template represents a specific process flow for a given type of work, and all steps necessary to complete that work. Tracer users can use the pre-defined templates or create their own. The process template is the same for every unit of work of the same type regardless of which support analyst creates the work item. This insures that all work is performed using the same process for a given type of work.

All process steps within the templates are configurable for attributes (how the template steps behave in relation to the process flow), process narrative and  document templates required to complete a specific process step. Standardizing process work flows dramatically improves support team  productivity and the quality of work products produced. Everyone plays by the same rule book. The process templates can be easily changed as the work environment changes and lessons learned are applied. Continuous process improvement is the natural outcome of this improvement feedback loop. 



To modify any element of the template, select the desired template then walk through the process step list below select the step to modify. Using the following screen to add, change or delete any process step, its narrative or document template attachments.PCM2


Individual process steps can be modified to accommodate the needs of the IT support team and their business operations. Each step has many options to alter how the step behaves within the process and what process functions are required in order for the process step to be completed.



The completed operational process for a specific type of work is shown below. It contains all the necessary process steps, rules, process documents and data capture screens to control, track, and measure all work / resources assigned to the IT support team. Complete work and resource visibility is available real-time at the click of a mouse button.PCM2

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