Tracer – Resources & Time Tracking




All work events, tasks, resources ( on-shore or off-shore), and effort expended are scheduled, tracked, and managed within Tracer. The tool enables the scheduling and prioritization of all work events for a team. A dashboard on each team member’s desktop provides a prioritized list of tasks that need to be addressed, along with the scheduled due date and estimated effort. As a team member works on a task, their expended effort and elapsed time is recorded in Tracer. This information capture is a byproduct of doing the actual work rather than a separate activity. Tracer’s design enables the close integration of resource, work, and time with little administrative overhead.


  • VISIBILITY to IT time and effort distribution across key service elements
  • Visibility to EFFORT EXPENDED on all IT activities

Work management resource dashboard


Time entry screen 

   Time Entry_A



 Report-time audit by application_A

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