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 The ability to automatically transfer data from a help desk to a Level 2 or Level 3 technical support team enables a streamlined process that keeps you from costly and error-prone recreation of data. CAI has developed a bi-directional API transfer of tickets between Tracer and virtually any industry Service Desk system. Tracer’s standard API extracts data from the Service Desk system, stores the data until an appropriate time interval or record volume has been reached, and then triggers an update into Tracer. Completed tickets with appropriate data components are transferred back to the Service Desk system via the same API.


  • MAINTAINS DATA INTEGRITY between Tracer and your Service Desk management system
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Allows TIME TRACKING of Service Desk tickets 
  • Allows for easier LOAD BALANCING of the application support team


CAI has developed API’s that interface Tracer with the most popular Help Desk systems (Service Desk). When it is necessary to pass  the support ticket from Level 1 to Level 2-3,  the data are automatically transferred into Tracer where it can be accessed by the support team. At the time the support ticket is closed in Tracer, data are automatically passed back to the Help Desk system to close the ticket and track necessary metrics. In this way no data entry is duplicated and both systems are kept in sync.

With Tracer and the Help Desk system API ALL work done the support team can be captured, tracked  and measured in one place while maintaining the data integrity of both Tracer and the Help Desk system.

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