Tracer – Service Operation Reporting




The output of Service Operation for an application support team is the “Service Performance Package” that is produced by the Tracer® service management tool.  Service Operation reports and SLA performance graphs ensure that the services being delivered meet customer requirements and performance commitments. These reports highlight the support team’s activity, service performance, work load, time distribution, schedule and commitments.


  • MAINTAINS DATA INTEGRITY between Tracer and your Service Desk management system
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Allows TIME TRACKING of Service Desk tickets
  • Tracer allows for easier LOAD BALANCING of the application support team

Reporting_Incident - Problem managemen_At


Reporting_Incidents Resolved SLA


Reporting_Work Trends

Reporting_Productivity-Performance Ratio

Reporting WR Estimate Accuracy


Reporting WR Target Date Compliance

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