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What is the Secret to Happy Customers?

The key to a happy customer lies in the hands of the IT organization.  According to an article Bob Anderson posted, it is necessary to keep your business and IT objectives on the same page.  You can achieve this in four easy steps.

  • Be efficient.
  • Be effective.
  • Know that’s there’s always more to learn.
  • Stay service focused.

Business and IT objects are often similar and can be synchronized without too much effort.  For instance, an effective business objective could be reducing operating costs or doing more with less, but an effective IT objective could be delivering IT projects on schedule and within budget.  Once the objectives are identified, it makes helping the customer much easier.  This means you will automatically be working on the final objective, which is to be a service focused organization.  Whether this means clear communication in the business world or increasing customer satisfaction scores in the IT world, when the two worlds align the outcome is a satisfied customer.

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