Where is the ITSM Industry Going?

The latest ITSM trends were revealed in an extensive Navvia survey covered by Roy Atkinson and Stephen Mann. Mann discusses several intriguing numbers from the study in an article for Computerworld UK. Many of the results were surprising. Others were not.

69, 52, and 63

Not a Surprise: 69% report VP level or higher support for their ITSM program. ITSM is a hot item:

ITSM needs investment so it’s unsurprising that such senior support is present, especially as approval-to-spend goes higher up the organizational stack post-2008 financial crisis. The 69% for VP level and above support is also very close to the 72% that have a dedicated ITSM organization – I imagine that these two figures are connected – you get a dedicated ITSM organization from obtaining and keeping higher-level support. [source]

Not a surprise: 52% of the companies interviewed admit to conducting an ITSM assessment or benchmark. Is this just a “snapshot” to keep appearances or a true platform for future improvement?

Surprise: 63% of respondents have an ITSM roadmap, a statistic that Mann finds encouraging.

86, 90, 26 and 17

Not a Surprise: Out of the 86% who use a standardized process framework for ITSM, 90% use ITIL. Twenty-six percent of respondents went the full mile to implement, define, and enforce a governance function. Mann is skeptical about the high intake of ITIL, citing his lack of faith in the V3 or 2011 editions. (Have businesses even got the V2 right when they use it?)

Surprise: that 17% of respondents don’t have actionable metrics. One in five businesses have no working insight into their performance!


Surprise: It’s possible that more organizations are actually using CMDB for service catalogue initiatives or change management initiatives – 38% of respondents have one. Many more plan to have one in the near future.


Not a Surprise: 83% of respondents have some form of ITIL training. Now improved ITIL training – that would be the real surprise.

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