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White Paper- Application Support Solution

CAI’s Legacy Application Support offering and accompanying methodology enable IT executives to identify non-strategic work trends, provide real time comprehensive reports, and implement process-driven methods. These measures result in improved productivity and customer satisfaction, the ability to redeploy knowledge workers to strategic tasks, an improved competitive advantage and reduced application support costs. Today’s business and technical environment is changing faster than ever before. As a result, Information Technology executives are faced with ever-growing challenges including:

  • „ Increasing Maintenance Costs
  • „ Implementing Strategic Initiatives
  • „ Replacing/Enhancing/Protecting Business Critical Applications
  • „ Decreasing Headcount
  • „ Finding and Retaining Skilled Resources
  • „ Maintaining Employee Morale
  • „ Missing or Outdated Documentation
  • „ Declining Application Knowledge
  • „ Rapid Technology Changes

->Click here to download the white paper

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